Nestor Prieto Spanish artist. He worked for O Grelo Producciones like curator for two years (currently still doing collaborations). Has been working and collaborating with various groups such as El Plan Z, Antropia-logo … in conducting multiple performances, actting and instalations in open spaces and in institutions such as La Casa Encendida and festivals such as the Optica Festival and Cinetoro.

Like editor, he published “O meu libro das sombras” (My Book of Shadows) of F. Brives in 2005. He has worked as an assistant director in the experimental film “La Esquina” (The Corner) of Liberto Rabal. In 2011, he created with Francisco Brives “Art House Madrid” and they inaugurated a cultural management office in Madrid where he works as project manager and curator.

Actually they works in a project named “P.A.H.M.” which seeks to achieve a space for artists (artist residency, co-workings places, alternative program space, etc …)

As a video artist presented his latest piece “UMBRA” in Madrid(Spain) ,Gijón(Spain), Tel Aviv(Israel), Haifa(Israel), Jerusalem(Israel), Sderot(Israel), Toro (Colombia),Buenos Aires(Argentina), etc...

Now is working in a serial of five pieces of video about the silence of the love between women.

Festival de Málaga de Cine Español (2012) Spain
Optica Buenos Aires (2011) Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires
Optica Israel (2011) Cinemateques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa y Sderot
MEM (2011) Bideodromo, Bilbao
OFV Gijón (2011) Antiguo Istituto Jovellanos, Gijón, Asturias
OFV Madrid (2011) La Casa Encendida, Madrid

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